Leo was the actual only real low-bionic kid from the Davenport-Dooley family relations until you Posted Exactly what

Leo was the actual only real low-bionic kid from the Davenport-Dooley family relations until you Posted Exactly what

, in which the guy becomes bionic as a result of Douglas offering him bionic portion while the their sleeve is harmed by Taylor. Later, inside the Rise of Wonders Troops, he unlocked another type of function. He could be supporting regarding their mother’s relationships in order to Donald Davenport. On the first-day stepping into their stepfather’s mansion, he came across Adam, Bree and you can Pursue. He was connected to her or him in the future and you may treated him or her while the his individual siblings. At school, Leo is regarded as the son in the “bottom of the food chain” as the he’s among the many smart infants (Crush, Chop and you may Shed). Yet not, with his siblings, he was able to climb the latest ‘food chain’ and you will initiate to acquire noticed in college or university.

Leo is actually devoted, compassionate, and you will smart. He’s presented these types of characteristics in various issues, especially when their nearest and dearest was on it. In 12 months step 1, the guy shown their support so you can their sisters by the sticking with them in spite of the chance which he was hurt (Mice for the a train); by the sacrificing his big date which have Janelle-and ultimately, their protection-when the possibility of her or him dying turned into forthcoming (Right back Regarding the Coming); and by staying the miracle of utilizing the bionics at school even after their final result out of him being unable to go in order to a conference they are been surfing forward to gonna (Mission Undetectable).

He suggests that the guy cares for them and you will about they end up being in the separated incidents, instance as he enjoy Chase to help you receive himself by allowing your explore his idea in order to overcome the exoskeleton (Exoskeleton vs. Grandma); when he apologized in order to Adam and you can Pursue for indicating him or her up on dance (Leo’s Jam); so when Lesbian dating he ties with Donald (Can i Acquire the fresh new Helicopter?). His concern more their better-being is seen a lot more within the Year 2. Immediately following studying the real truth about your, he became even more aware to them, also risking themselves once again to show to their members of the family the chances you to definitely Marcus presents (Leo vs Worst).

Having fun with his experience with research and path smarts to eliminate a beneficial high-speed train (Mice towards a train) and you will using the effortless something he notices in order to sink away an excellent harmful gas during the a goal (Missin’ the new Purpose) are a couple of hours. Not surprisingly, to your several era, he fails to get membership of your potential consequences out-of his actions.

His intelligence and you may problem-solving knowledge attended to try out in a lot of hours

Although not, Leo is going to be pushy and you will worry about-situated in certain cases, which in turn stems from their unpopularity. He’s got taken advantage of his siblings’ bionics several times. He’s made use of Bree’s look at him given that the woman nothing sis to capture a trip to their kinds and possess their ‘forgotten’ homework (S’s super electricity to help you earn the college fitness difficulties (Passing Spiral Smackdown); plus the father-man dating he or she is designed having Donald being find a movie his mother forbade your observe (Chore Wars). Leo including quickly turns pompous in the event the some thing beginning to go his method, and you will serves stuck-up, normally leading to him shedding back again to a floor painfully. He and usually punches their achievements otherwise responsibilities out-of ratio, and also make themselves aside since the so much more crucial, preferred, and effective than just the guy actually is.

Upon Donald’s consult, he kept observe over their sisters, particularly when these people were to Marcus (Rates Trapped)

Leo has also a practice of creating his very own dilemmas; instance, the guy got trapped when you look at the Principal Perry’s personal elevator, which he was having fun with even with students getting forbidden (Processor Button); your persuading Bree so you can punishment their bionic singing control leading to they both are receive (Sibling Off) and you may disabling Chase’s bionics and you may unwittingly amplifying their bionic hostility (Spike’s Got Ability ). He as well as usually lays, and spends lying to try and solve their problems, normally unnecessarily; although not, that it backfires into the your whilst features left others distrusting regarding your, meaning the guy often have issues convincing them although telling the realities, because the exhibited together with his efforts to tell them Marcus was worst.

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