Logistics Optimization and Fleet Management

From the negotiation of prices and demands with manufacturers to designing technical solutions for fleet management, there are many ways to simplify logistics processes. But a few of the most effective strategies https://technologytraffic.com/2023/06/24/logistics-optimization-and-fleet-management/ can have the biggest impact on reducing supply chain costs.

Inadequate route planning could result in the waste of fuel and costs for drivers and also vehicle maintenance expenses. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that each route is as valuable to every day as it can, avoiding unnecessary driving and waste.

It can be particularly difficult for delivery companies to achieve high levels of efficiency in the final mile. The final mile of a service could make up as much as 30% of the total logistical cost. Fleet optimization software can help businesses cut costs by identifying the shortest routes, as well as taking into account the needs of customers as well as mandatory rest periods and load limitations.

Effective routing can help companies meet the expectations of their customers and reduces the likelihood of a delivery failing. Failure to deliver is costly as the order has to be rerouted or returned to the warehouse where it is stored for another day.

To maximize the use of your existing fleet, you need the correct information at hand. Historical and live traffic information, truck attributes, and location data are crucial to optimizing routes. This ensures that you’re only maximising the potential of your fleet and not wasting time on manual planning tasks. This is how fire safety firm Telgian was able to cut planning time by 82% while boosting orders and reducing operational costs.

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