The new Hoshidan military was ultimately outdone because of the Corrin and their siblings, and are also afterwards obligated to make retreat

The new Hoshidan military was ultimately outdone because of the Corrin <a href="">single Erotic Websites dating</a> and their siblings, and are also afterwards obligated to make retreat

Leo does not appear again before the succession following the Garon’s overcome on Endgame, in which the guy and you can Camilla sit-in Ryoma’s coronation because the king away from Hoshido on his invitation. To the viewing Corrin declaring pleasure at their and Camilla’s exposure, Leo kits Nohr because Hoshido’s current ally, proclaiming that it would be unbecoming out-of him to overlook Ryoma’s coronation consequently. He then officially announces which he often guess the new throne regarding Nohr, with Camilla discussing you to definitely she’s chose so you’re able to relinquish the girl birthright due to the girl faith one the lady sis makes a far greater ruler than simply the lady.


If Corrin chooses to front having Nohr, Leo, as a result in it asking Xander in order to sanctuary, curtly disagrees, saying that doing this will cause the newest Hoshidans to trust you to the newest Nohrians concern him or her and this Corrin could have been coerced towards the joining Nohr. Then he urges Corrin to stand the soil and establish one its substitute for register Nohr is very of their own volition. Shortly after the conclusion associated with dispute, Leo is summoned so you can go on an objective independent away from Corrin.

Adopting the competition, Leo and his sisters go to the newest throne area out-of Palace Krakenburg in A bankruptcy proceeding, where Garon praises Xander for their competition exploits. A brief discourse ranging from Garon plus the Nohrian siblings observes your buying Xander so you’re able to destroy Corrin once they matter him with the rush regarding Ganglari. Garon only reconsiders whenever Corrin offers to kill themselves from the the individual hands prior to carrying out an effective seance with an enthusiastic effigy of Anankos towards roof.

Then he helps to make the decision so that Corrin to go back to Nohr, however, merely with the position that they inhibits an excellent rebellion inside the the fresh Ice Group. Xander, alleviated within such new tidings, instantly proposes to assistance Corrin together with most readily useful troops, simply for Garon to invest in Corrin to do the task alone. Adopting the remaining Nohrian sisters vacate the throne space, Xander stays prior to the signed gates, in which the guy overhears Garon monologuing his malicious intention so you can subject Corrin to correct anxiety. This encourages Xander to send Elise, the lady retainers and you may Corrin’s young people friend, Silas, to strengthen Corrin.

Leo, concerned for Corrin’s well being on the trip so you’re able to quell this new Frost Tribe rebellion, delivers Niles and you may Odin to assist. Shortly after assisting her or him on the assignment, Leo purchases Niles and you may Odin to keep to help Corrin having its result in until he is able to subscribe him or her shortly after he concludes his own employment having Queen Garon.

Throughout the a quick conversation he offers with Corrin adopting the service, Leo conveys their disbelief at the emotional outbursts shown of the Hinoka and you may Sakura

Leo later looks during the Chapter 14, where the guy unexpected situations Corrin in the Cyrkensia from the stressing the requirement to remain leftover vigilant while they’re in the course of sharing the fresh new neutrality of your Kingdom from Nestra. Then tells her or him out-of his intend to subscribe him or her immediately after he is finished with becoming a bodyguard getting Garon when you look at the Cyrkensia. Leo try met of the their retainers immediately after that it, whoever an excessive amount of sentimentalism proves to be too uncomfortable to possess your, prompting him when deciding to take their hop out and head to the brand new Opera House. When Corrin after tends to make their answer to the fresh Opera Family, Leo instructions them to in which Garon is positioned in advance of showing good chair to enable them to imagine until the start of the a song overall performance. Unbeknownst in order to Leo and you may Corrin, the results is staged by the Azura, who sings a good charmed song made to curse the new beast masquerading as Garon. Following the stop of one’s show, Leo tries to follow brand new “mysterious” songstress but goes wrong as she is able to slip concealed. Just after it, a group of Hoshidan assassins added of the Kumagera come to the scene, compelling Leo so you can instantaneously accuse them regarding weakening Garon from the songstress. A battle arises from the Opera Home thereafter, the one that at some point comes to an end to your beat of your own Hoshidan assassins.

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