We are able to pick so it matchmaking about following table:

We are able to pick so it matchmaking about following table:

  • New Vedangas known as the limbs of your own Vedas is actually six for the matter (sikhsa, kalpa, vyakarna, nirukta, chandasa and you can chitihi.
  • The Tantras also are six.
  • On the Brahmanas an effective Brahman try recommended half dozen flex duties: teaching, studying, carrying out give up, providing compromise and you can charity: To own their survival he was greet six vocations including begging, business, farming, etcetera.
  • A master when you look at the old Asia is allowed to found that sixth out-of produce regarding growers as the his share.
  • Ancient magicians did six serves from wonders: starting comfort, deluding, immobilizing, creating enmity, damaging a challenger and resulting in death.
  • There are half dozen Hindu schools from values: samkhya, yoga, nyaya, vaisheshika, purva and you will uttara mimansa and vedanta.
  • The newest half a dozen sided hexagon try a symbol of Durga and put on tantric icons.
  • Katyayani, an aspect of Durga is named shashti.
  • Hitched few create shastipurthi, nearly some other matrimony function, when the husband accomplishes sixty years of age given that wife is still alive.

Eight Saptan

The amount seven are an effective symbolic sign of the earthly airplanes. Hindu scriptures declare that all of our earth is but one within the a good number of several airplanes of life, specific from the large nations and some toward lower. In every discover allowed to be 14 planes otherwise worlds from which half a dozen try over the environment and you may eight underneath the world. Over the 14th is the higher plus the not familiar or perhaps the zero planes. When we is it you’ll find fifteen airplanes throughout. The earth is considered to be in the middle that have 7 significantly more than (for instance the no plane) and seven below.

All of our expose knowledge of the different planes regarding existence generally seems to have advanced regarding the Hindu community during a period of date. In the Chandogya Upanishad plus new reduced style of brand new Gayatri mantra we discover mention of the only three globes:

This is actually the really conventional look at Hindu cosmology we find in early literary works of Vedic someone. They are

On the Puranas along with brand new offered style of brand new Gayatri motto, not, we discover definitions of one’s leftover four planets, depending over the heavenly world of Indra

These seven worlds as well as said to match the latest seven planes out-of consciousness or sheaths inside our bodies: physical flat (annaaya) which have bhuva, intellectual planes (manoaya) with mahar, the fresh new jet out-of hidden divinities which have janah, the shining planes of religious fire with tapo together with best consciousness out-of Atman alone that have Brahma.

While you will find six planes over the planet, you will find 7 lower than: atala, vitala, sutala, mahatala, tatatala, rasatala and you will patala. Talking about darker worlds populated of the demons and ebony forces. In your body, that’s thought to be a great a symbol logo of the environment itself, we can find these 14 planes The greater seven airplanes in addition to communicate with the new 7 chakras in your body and you will eight planets in the solar system.

Towards the our planet alone you’ll find supposed to be eight spheres per seen as a particular dvipa or isle (jambu, shaka, kusha, krauncha, shalmali, pluksha and you will pushkara) and phrendly hile you may eight waters (kara, ksheera, sura, ghrita, rusa, dahi and jala).

The amount 7 seems very appear to from inside the Hindu scriptures. Brand new Mundaka Upanishad pertains 7 tongues (sapta jivhas) otherwise 7 flame out-of Agni, being kali (black), karali (fierce), manojava (quick due to the fact attention), sulohita (red-colored due to the fact metal), sudhumravarna (smoke-colored), visharuch-devi (universally enjoyable) and sphulingini (cracking). He could be illustrated because seven hand from the iconography out of Agni and most likely correspond to the latest 7 dhatus (saptadhatus) of your system and you may seven energies you to wake up during the the religious habit.

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